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About these poems
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  • 'PoojA' is about  a boy asking his sister about incensesticks  and lamps used in worshipping the God.
  • 'krupaa tugelee': A few stanzas thanking God for what He has given us.
  • 'paachve sukh '  'nisarg coMvcyAk'and 'varshaavarNan' are in celebration of Nature.

  • 'halDuMvyA ujvADAt': what the poet saw in the golden glow yonder a temple...passing fragrance of Parijatak flowers...soothing devotional music..

  • 'pradushaN' and 'dhArAvee': narrate experiences of the crowded ,polluted suburbs of Mumbai viz.Hill Road-Bandra and Dharavi respectively.
  • 'tinne kednA tasshee mhaLLe'and'duradrUSTee' :Something about ladies' concerns.

  • 'shabdAMt shaktee Asata' : Preserve your language and use it judiciously.

  • 'husko': this poem is about post-nuptial  changes in the lives of girls after leaving the carefree days at the schools.

  • 'kajAg bAyalek' : An appeal to a capricious woman by her harassed husband.

  • 'AjyAgelee takrAr' : It's a grandfather`s complaint against  an eligible bachelor.

  • 'jAMvce teMcee jAlle' and 'ghoTalyAcee yAd' : these are based on the events that took place in Mumbai sometime in the first decade of the twentyfirst century!

  • 'tAN niyaMtraN': This poem is about a bank officer who underwent a course on Stress Management.