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About these poems

About these poems
tuMveM hoD jAMvkA
phullM soddatanA
rukkAkapuNee Ammee..
bareM gottu Ass!
dhartareec kednA kopalee
dittalo devu
divE lAyyAti
guNA parmaLAn
tAMbaDO rMgu
kabootar kaDagaTAree
baree buddhi diMvkA
magelya manamohanAk
gEllE tE dees
bare karAti
sAMg viMgaD viMgaD

  • The impressions carried home by the poet after attending  Konkani Parishad at Kozikode are ensconsed in the poem 'sAMj"(saanj).

  • huDahudatanA : about his childhood in Belgaum..

  • 'svAd'  :  Let us  take interest in serving the people from the rural areas .Forget those bitter memories of our past.

  • 'tuMve hoD jAMvkA" : Paternal advice to a young boy who could not make it in his first attempt!

  • 'phullM soddatanA'  is about the longing felt by a lady about her daughter staying abroad.

  • rukkAkpuNee Ammee rAkkuk jAy :The poets laments the  invidious changes  that have taken place over the years..especially lack of interest in one`s mother-tongue  and heritage.

  • bareM gottu Ass:  About people seeking votes by promoting dissention among communities.

  • dhartareec kednA kopalee : After the havoc caused by  the earthquake in Bhuj.


  • 'gardee' : Impressions carried after visiting Churchgate  Railway Station in Mumbai (India).

  • 'dittalo devu' :  a hope to be fulfilled  through right type of education.

  • 'dive lAyyAti' : Light the lamps... of enlightment...hand in hand with friends and save our cultural promote education amongst the weaker shedding bad habits..

  • 'guNA parmaLAn' :  a tribute  to a young artist after  being impressed by her dedication to performing arts.

  • Poems such as 'vAvTaL'  and 'kaDagaTAree' put in words  feelings indicative of the felt moods...


  • 'jhagaDe' : this poem was published in the Divali  2006 Issue of the Konkani magazine 'BIMB' (G.S.B.-3,Housing Board Colony,Post:Alt-Parvari,Alt-Beti,Goa-403521.(India)